• Anechoic chamber results

    Anechoic chamber resu

    Anechoic chamber results Semi-anechoic chamber Hafei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Semi-anechoic chamber Shanghai Hitachi R & D Center Anechoic chamber Shanghai Hitachi R & D Center Anechoic chamber Sharp Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. All-anechoic chamber cold Control Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Satake
  • In recent years, some of the projects sound barrier performance

    In recent years, some

    In recent years, sound barrier part of the project results: 1, Shanghai Inner Ring Elevated sound barrier 2, Shanghai Metro Line Sound Barrier 3, Jinpu Bengbu section of the railway line sound barrier 4, Wuxi Fengxiang Road sound barrier 5, Wuxi Jincheng Road Viaduct sound barrier
  • The main sports stadium project

    The main sports stadi

    The main sports stadium projects are: 1 Shanghai International Gymnastic Center 2 Shanghai Nanhui Stadium 3 Shanghai Shenhua Football Training Base 4 Shanghai Luwan Stadium 5. Shanghai East China Normal University Gymnasium 6. Shanghai Minhang Sports Training Center
  • Anechoic chamber works

    Anechoic chamber work

    Sound-absorbing wedge is a special sound-absorbing structure installed in an anechoic chamber or place strong acoustic, acoustic sound-absorbing wedge principle is to use the characteristic impedance changes gradually from the end face of the characteristic impedance of the wedge close to the characteristic impedance of air gradually High over to the characteristic impedance of sound-absorbing material, such absorption coefficient¡£

  • Noise comprehensive treatment project

    Noise comprehensive t

    Through the room walls, the top surface for the comprehensive management of sound absorption, sound insulation for windows and doors to achieve noise reduction and other purposes, generally applicable to diesel engine room, high voltage power distribution room, pump room, freezer room, computer room air conditioning, compressor room, etc¡£

  • Sound barriers

    Sound barriers

    This product is mainly used in noise control road, rail transport and outdoor equipment. Has good absorption properties, sound insulation together, science, transparent panel, landscape effects harmony with the environment, as well as excellent noise reduction characteristics, insertion loss 7-10dB (A). Acoustic barrier means is in the sound between the noise source and the receiver block member mainly used to attenuate the direct sound can also be used indoors outdoors, the barrier effect depends on the noise, the relative position of the sound source and the recipient and size, sound effects generally sound barrier up to 5-15dB (A)¡£

  • Gymnasium, halls build sound engineering

    Gymnasium, halls buil

    Sound absorption technology has been in the auditorium acoustics and noise control engineering is widely used, it can effectively reduce the noise in the building, to create a peaceful environment for hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and offices, better for the gymnasium, conference rooms, theaters, recording studio, studio, etc., provide appropriate reverberation time and get excellent sound quality. The factory production of perforated plates with light, beautiful, fire, moisture, etc., according to the designer's requirements made ??of different pore sizes, different perforation rate, different sizes, different protective surface coating perforated panels. Factory production space absorber acoustical ceiling not only has a high sound absorption efficiency, and rich three-dimensional, perspective effect is good, so more will be satisfied with the entire acoustical ceiling architectural decorative effect¡£

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