Use fiberglass low noise cooling tower


Cooling towers are specialized in the production of low-noise cooling tower based on a series of noise control measures taken, the noise level is lower than the standard point corresponding to the low-noise type ~ 5dB (A). It is suitable for places more stringent noise requirements. For example: hotels, hospitals, public buildings and residential areas close to the situation, it is based on the piping, electrical power and the corresponding low-noise cooling tower the same amount of cooling water and air and low noise cooling tower is the same.

Industrial cooling towers that high temperature, wet fall is generally 10 ~ 25 , this type of increase in the diameter of the tower, wind, air pressure, power, packing height and a series of measures, it is suitable for high-temperature industrial water drop cooling tower thermal performance industrial type this design is surplus. My company FRP cooling towers, plant, in addition to producing cooling tower, but also the production of cross-flow cooling tower, while the supply of packing sheets and fiberglass boats, tanks, pipes and other products, the company is also supporting the supply of water and stable equipment.

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